Who We Are

MedicineSafe is a coalition of local community organizations, the state governments of Connecticut and North Carolina, and national partners, invested in providing safe tools and information about prescription drugs. Our resources are here to help you and your family find safe ways to manage prescription medicines in your households - whether buying, storing or addressing addiction.

Sixty-four thousand lives are lost to addiction each year. That’s 174 people per day. Every family’s story about struggling with a loved one’s substance use is unique, yet their experiences are often remarkably similar. These families know about addiction first-hand and open up about the fear, helplessness, isolation, and heartache they have faced. Follow their journeys as they find hope and learn how the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids helps families like these.

Addiction Education & Recovery

The opioid crisis has become a public health emergency with nearly 100 Americans dying daily from opioid- related overdose. The Partnership for Drug Free Kids helps families where children are struggling with substance abuse. They empower families with information, support and guidance to get the help their loved one needs and deserves. And they advocate for greater understanding and more effective programs to treat the disease of addiction.

All of the resources offered by the Partnership are free. Hover over any of the items below to take action if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction and to learn more about the safe use of prescription medications.

Take steps to protect your family and community.

Be Safe. Buy Smart. Verify your online pharmacy with the experts.

If you purchase your prescription medications online, make sure you do so from a verified online pharmacy. According to the FDA, 97% of online pharmacies are illegitimate and unsafe. What looks like a discount online pharmacy from Canada or the U.S. could be a rogue website and criminal enterprise from anywhere in the world. Enter your online pharmacy's website below and click "Verify." You will be taken to our companion site, VerifyBeforeYouBuy.org to confirm its authenticity.


Coalition Partners

The MedicineSafe Coalition consists of the following major government, nonprofit and consumer advocacy organizations and groups.

About The Center For Safe Internet Pharmacies

The Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP) is proud to facilitate and sponsor the MedicineSafe coalition. CSIP is a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 by a diverse group of Internet and technology companies, financial services companies and shipping companies to address the global problem of consumer access to illegitimate pharmaceuticals from illegal online pharmacies and other sources.

CSIP, its members and partners are working hard in many other ways to raise awareness about the dangers of misuse of opioids and to provide additional resources that respond to the ongoing crisis of opioid addiction in the U.S. Visit the CSIP website to learn more.

CSIP Members. Experts you can trust.