In 2018, the Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP) and the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids (the Partnership) launched MedicineSafe, a coalition of national and state public and private partners, to provide expert information and tools for safely managing prescription drugs and opioid addiction. This legacy site continues to highlight educational and other free resources.

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Hear the stories of families who navigate addiction with their kids.

Helping Families Struggling
with Opioid Use

The opioid crisis is taking the lives of 115 people every day. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has been supporting families struggling with substance use for over 30 years. Below are free resources from the Partnership to help you and your family.


Understanding the Opioid Epidemic

Heroin and other opioids are ravaging communities across America. Deaths from heroin increased 328% between 2010 and 2015, and drug deaths from fentanyl and other synthetic opioids are now seeing a rise as well. The time to take action against the epidemic is now.


Protect Your Family: Safely Storing and Disposing Medications

Two-thirds of teens and young adults who report abuse of prescription medicine are getting it from friends, family and acquaintances. Be sure to safeguard your medications so that the young people in your life don’t have access.


Talking With Your Kids

Kids who learn about the dangers of drug use early and often are less likely to use drugs than those who do not receive these critical messages at home. However, research shows these conversations tend not to include the topic of medicine abuse.


Recognizing the Signs of Medicine Abuse

Figuring out if your child is misusing prescription or illicit drugs can be challenging. Many of the signs and symptoms are, at times, typical teen or young adult behavior. Many are also symptoms of mental health issues, including depression or anxiety disorders.


What Are the Treatment Options?

For most people, “treatment” for substance abuse conjures images of detox or a residential rehab facility. In reality, detox (detoxification) is not treatment, and a residential program is just one of a variety of options.


You're Not Alone. Get Help Now

We're here to provide you instant access to trained and caring specialists who can answer your questions and help you at the times you need us most. We also have advice and insights from other parents navigating the opioid epidemic and addiction treatment.

Be Safe. Buy Smart. Verify your online pharmacy with the experts.

If you purchase your prescription medications online, make sure you do so from a verified online pharmacy. According to the FDA, 97% of online pharmacies are illegitimate and unsafe. What looks like a discount online pharmacy from Canada or the U.S. could be a rogue website and criminal enterprise from anywhere in the world. Enter your online pharmacy's website below and click "Verify." You will be taken to our companion site, to confirm its authenticity.

Tech Together

Tech Together is a coalition of technology companies operating in partnership with the Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP). Our goal is leveraging our platforms, products and tools to help address the opioid abuse crisis.

About The Center For Safe Internet Pharmacies

The Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP) is proud to facilitate and sponsor the MedicineSafe coalition. CSIP is a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 by a diverse group of Internet and technology companies, financial services companies and shipping companies to address the global problem of consumer access to illegitimate pharmaceuticals from illegal online pharmacies and other sources.

CSIP, its members and the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids are working hard in many other ways to raise awareness about the dangers of misuse of opioids and to provide additional resources that respond to the ongoing crisis of opioid addiction in the U.S. Visit the CSIP website to learn more.

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